Kelly Family – I Feel Love tab

			     I Feel Love - The Kelly Family

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Tuning: Standard

Chords used:
D    xx0323
Bm   x24432
A    x02220
G    355433

Intro: De|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-7------9------7-----7------9------7-----7------9------7-----7------9------7--|D|-7--77--7--77--7--7--7--77--7--77--7--7--7--77--7--77--7--7--7--77--7--77--7--|A|-5--55--5--55--5--5--5--55--5--55--5--5--5--55--5--55--5--5--5--55--5--55--5--|E|------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
This part continues through the verse all the way to Bm Verse: D Hey little pigeon where are you coming from Bm A You flew across the sky and know G You're in my hometown D Hey little pigeon here's where you're flying to Bm A Take this letter to her house G A By the riverside, riverside Chorus: D A I feel love when I look Bm G x2 I can't wait I'm really shooked D A G I feel love when I look into your eyes Verse: You searched for my treasure Over the atlantic sky Did she get my message right Did she love or cry Hey little pigeon Oh if you only knew The things I'd do to fly with you To hear her reply, her reply Chorus x2 Solo Chorus x2 D A Bm When I look into your eyes G D When I look it feels so nice x2 -This overlaps with the chorus lyrics, A G D same chords. When I look into your eyes | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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