Kelly Paul - Sweet Guy tab

This is a great Kelly song, i bet most people looking at this tab now will be Aussies 
got into him not long back when i saw him at the Apollo Bay Music Fest, now studying his 
in year 12 English, the man is a geniuses and a incredible writer.

A min D min F Maj C MajE|--0--|--1--|--1--|--0--|B|--1--|--3--|--1--|--1--|G|--2--|--2--|--2--|--0--|D|--2--|--0--|--3--|--2--|A|--0--|-----|--3--|--3--|E|-----|-----|--1--|-----|
Tempo: 4/4 key: Am
INTRO RIFF Repeatx4 Am 1 Am 2E|----------------------------------|------------------------------------|B|---------------------3--1---------|--------------------3--1------------|G|--------2----0--2----------2-0-2--|--------2----0--2----------0-2-0-2--|D|----------------------------------|------------------------------------|A|------0---0-------0---------------|------0---0-------0-----------------|E|----------------------------------|------------------------------------|
Listen to song 2 get rhythm, the Am is very similar 2 the riff Verse |Am /// | Dm /// | FMaj ///| Intro part(1)X1| Repeat x2
ChorusRiff (guitar 2)E|---12----12----15----15----13-13-13-12-----------|B|----------------------------------------15--13---|G|------14----14----14----14-----------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Am / | GMaj / | FMaj /// | Am / | GMaj / | Dm /// | Am / | GMaj / | FMaj /// | Dm ///|
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