Kenny And Rude Boy Rob – Mayo tab


Written by: Kenny & Rude Boy Rob

chords: Am F G (C)

  Am              F           G               Am
 I am a country boy of the name of martin ni hul
                             F                 G                   Am
 i was born and raised on a country farm with animals as my companions

    Em       Am        Em        Am        EM                   Am
 Mayo, Castlecomber, Mulingar, Rathowth, kildare, the long mile road,
             Em            Am
 yea and Antrim and county tipp.

 I said to my mother one fine morn i wish to be wed

 she said dont be silly there not a fuckin woman and you'll have

 to settle for a calf.


 so i rode that calf for many a fine day and then i married my cousin

 we've been married now for forth odd years and our kids are fucking



 so when my wife goes out to mass on a chrisp and sunday morn

 i go down to the local barn and i fill the cattle with sperm

        C         Am.
 and  mayo and castlecomber.

 i hope you enjoy the song it came from the heart.
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