Kenny Chesney – Grandpa Told Me So tab

Capo 4th Fret

Intro:  D G D G

Verse 1:
If you don’t get in the water, you’re never gonna learn to swim.
D							   G
He said that a snake is just as scared of you as you are of it.
Bm 					A
He could tell by the moon when the fish would bite,
D	      A 		 G
Seems there was nothing that he didn’t know,
				A     		D 	G D G
and as a kid I believed, ‘cause Grandpa told me so.

Verse 2:
D						G
He talked Daddy into letting me have my first car.
D								G
I thought I was really something till Becky Thompson broke my heart.
Bm				A
That first taste of love nearly did me in, 
D		     A	  G
Getting over her was slow,
			         A				D
And I knew someday I would, ‘cause Grandpa told me so.

G				    D
He said, life is made for you to live, 
A				        D
The best love is the love that you give,
G				      A				Bm
There’ll be times when you want to hold on, but you gotta let go.
G					A		      D
And I live by those words, ‘cause Grandpa told me so.

G D G 

(Slow it down and strum low volume.)

Verse 3:
D							G
I promised him I wouldn’t cry when it was his time to leave.
D						G
That’s the only promise I made him I couldn’t keep.
Bm					A
He smiled from his bed and said we’ll meet again
D		  A	   G
Somewhere down the road.
G		A			    D
And I believe, ‘cause Grandpa told me so.

Repeat Chorus 2 x’s:

Yeah, and I still believe, 
A				D G
Grandpa told me so.
Grandpa told me so.
     	G		D G D G
I still believe.

Grandpa told me so.
I still believe.

D G . . . .     (Play till end)
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