Kenny Chesney – Anything But Mine chords

Anything But Mine

E A(add2)Walking along beneath the lights of that miracle mile
EMe and Mary making our way into the night A(add2)
EYou can hear the cries from the carnival rides
A(add2)The pinball bells and the skeeball slides
E A(add2)Watching the summer sun fall out of my sight
B A(add2)Theres a warm wind coming in from off of the ocean
E A(add2)Making its way past the hotel walls to fill the street
E A(add2)And Mary is holding both of her shoes in her hand
E B ESaid she likes to feel the sand beneath her feet
A(add2)And in the morning I'm leaving making my way back to cleveland so tonight
E A(add2) I hope that I will do just fine
E A(add2)And I don't see how you could ever be anything but mine
Verse 2
E A(add2) ELocal band playing at the sea side pavilion and I got just enough cash
A(add2) E A(add2)to get us in and as we are dancing mary's wrapping her arms around me
E A(add2)and I can feel the sting of the summer on my skin
B A(add2)In the midst of the music i tell her I love her
E A(add2)we both laugh 'cause we know it isnt true
E A(add2)but mary theres a summer drawing to an empty night
E B Eand there's so much that i long to do to you
Chorus Guitar solo Chorus
E A(add2) E B7 E And I dont see how you could ever be Anything but mine
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