Kenny Chesney - Tequila Loves Me tab

The tab goes by the progression not lyrics

C   F  C   G     F  C  (2x) 

  C                         F                  
1. South of the border,     American dollars,  
2. Madam Tequila’s        a fine seniorita    

G                     C 
Take you a long, long way 
All my compadras con-cur.    

          C                           F                        
          Beachside bungalows,        sand between your toes,  
She won’t lie, she wont leave in your hour in need.    

        G                      C 
        No-body   knows  your  name 
So were raising out glasses to her. 

          F                         C 
There’s a worm at the bottom of the bottle 
They say "valmos  celchago   little dalgo" 

         F                          G 
  That’s well     with - in      my reach 
It means drink it all down till you see 

        F                          C 
And the heart that you broke  will soon be a joke 
  The bottom of the glass and it’s kicking your ass 
As soon as he and I meet 
   Boys the next rounds on me 

C           F  C      G               F   C 
ohhhohhohoh oh oh Forgettins cheap in Mexico, 
       C                        F        C 
She'll be there waiting and she wont say No, 
  G                   F       C          C   F  C   G     F  C   
Tequila loves me even if you don't
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