Kenny Rogers – Wonderful Tonight tab


Verse: 1
G                    D 
 It's late in the evening
C                       D             G
 She's wonderin' what clothes to wear,
 She put's on her make-up, and
   C           D    
 brushes her long-long hair;

Refrain: 1
C             D        G      D        Em 
 And then she asked me, do i look alright ?
              C            D               
 And I said, Yes, You are Wonderful Tonight
(Repeat Intro)

Verse: 2
G            D    C              D       
 We go to a party, and everyone turns see,
G                 D  C                D     
 this beautiful lady, whose walking around on me

Refrain: 2  
C               D     G        D       Em
 And then she asked me, do you feel alright ?
              C           D            G-G7
 And I said, Yes, I feel Wonderful Tonight

         C           D              G
 I feel wonderful because i see the love,
       D        Em
 right in your eyes,
           C           D                C
 And the wonder of it all, is that you just
          D                     (Intro)
 don't realize how much i love you

Verse: 3
G                 D      C                   D
 It's time to go home now, and i've got an aching head,
       G           D            C               D
 So I gave her the car key, and she helps me to bed

Refrain: 3
C                D   G      D            Em 
 And then I tell her, as I turn off the lights,
             C                 D          (Intro)     
 I said, My Darling, You are Wonderful tonight 
           C               D            (Intro-End)   
 Oh.. My Darling You are Wonderful Tonight
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