Kenny Rogers - Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Tonight chords

Someone Must Feel Like a Fool Tonight
recorded by Kenny Rogers
tabbed by Ken Rogers (yes, thatís my real name. No, Iím not related)

This song is in the key of Bb on the recording. I chose to tab it in the key of A.
It modulates to the key of B for the second verse, then back to A for the ending.

A AMaj7 A6 ASomeone must feel like a fool tonight
A Bbdim Bm EKnowing they let you go
Bm E Bm ESomeone is wishing they`d done you right
Bm E ARegretting they hurt you so.
A AMaj7 A6 ANow that you`re here in my loving arms
A A7 DForget all your yesterdays
Bm E A (G#) F#mSomeone must feel like a fool to-night
(E) D E AFor letting you slip away.
(modulate to B major)
B Bmaj7 B6 BWhen I see the moon shining in your eyes
B Cdim C#m F#A feeling comes over me
C#m F# C#m F#The warmth of your touch makes me realize
C#m F# BJust how lucky can I be.
B Bmaj7 B6 BSurely he knows and he`s sorry now
B B7 EThat he turned your love away
C#m F# B (A#) G#mSomeone must feel like a fool to-night
(F#) E F# BKnowing you`re here to stay.
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