Kenny Rogers - Through The Years tab

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Kenny Rogers

Intro: G Em Am D7 Bm Em 

  G                     B7                       Em
I can't remember when you weren't there,
G7                  C         D7             Bm
When I didn't care for anyone but you.
D7  G                                 B7                    Em
I swear we've been through everything there is,
                     G                    C
Can't imagine anything we've missed
                     Bm Em        C                    D7
Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do.

1st Chorus:
Through the years
       Em                 Am
You never let me down,
            D7                     Bm
You've turned my life around.
        Em                      Am
The sweetest days I've found
I've found with you.
Through the years
       Em               Am
I've never been afraid,
       D7                        Bm
I've loved the life we've made
        Em                      C                           Am
And I'm so glad I've stayed right here with you
D7                G
Through the years.

I can't remember what I used to do,
Who I trusted, who I listened to before.D7-G-B7-Em
I swear you've taught me everything I know G-C I can't imagine needing someone so. Bm But through the years it seems to me Em-C-D7 I need you more and more 2nd Chorus: Bm Through the years, Em-Am Through all the good and bad, D7-Bm I knew how much we had, Em-Am I've always been so glad to be with you. D7 Through the years Em-Am It's better everyday, D7-Bm You've kissed my tears away, Em-Am As long as it's okay, I`ll stay with you D7-G Through the years. 3rd Chords: C#m Through the years Fm Bm When everything went wrong, E C#m Together we were strong, Fm Bm E I know that I belong right here with you C#m Through the years Fm Bm I never had a doubt E C#m We'd always work things out. Fm D Bm I've learned what love's about by loving you E A Through the years. Repeat Chorus 3.
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