Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Believe tab

Kenny Wayne Shepherd
from "The Place You're In"

Written by Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Noah Hunt, Marti Frederiksen

Transcribed by bsantos_5

Standard Tuning

This is a great song.  It wasn’t tabbed so I thought I would at least put the chords on here.


Dm                                                         Am
Take me down, down on you,  Make me drown, drown all around you

Dm                                                     Am
Butterfly fly to me, Spread your wings wrap them around me

All around me

Pre Chorus

F                            Am
Follow me and I will led you on
F                                Em             G
Trust in me and I won’t do you wrong


         Am                 G         F               Em                            
When you got no hope you’ve given up, its out of your hands

Am                  G            F    Em                            
I wish that I could show you how to understand

Am                  G    Dm
That even when your eyes deceive

   F             Em              Am
Oh yeah, all you gotta do is believe

Dm                                                 Am
Running out, out of time, Out of sight out of your mind
Dm                                                        Am
Find the light, the light in you, Let it shine, shine on through
Through you

Pre chorus
F                             Am
Open up your heart and let me in
F                                Em        G
I will stand beside you till the end

Repeat Chorus

Dm                                 Am
Let me be the one you can count on me

Dm                                  Em
And I will be the one if you just believe

Chord over solo
Am, G, Am, G, Am, G, Dm, Em

Repeat chorus 2x
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