Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Let Go chords

As far as I know, this is correct. It you can sing over the chords with no 
problem. If anyone has legitimate chords let me know. I figured this out a few 
nights ago. Its only the chords that Noah Hunt plays on acoustic while Kenny is 
busy doing his thing. Ok enough talk, you came for chords.

Side note, its pretty obvious if you know the song but you keep playing the d 
chord in between lines in the verse

D C G DIn a room filled with dried tears of sorrow
D C G DYou come in and lay down by my side
D C G DWhen you feel the same way tomorrow
D C G D'Cause you smile just as easy as you cry
C GWas it wrong to be good to you
G DWas it wrong to be your man
C G'Cause I ain't getting through to you
F G <-- For this change i find And i've done all I can to make you understand Using the G barre chord after the F Chorus:
D C G D And my heart just keeps on bleeding
C G DFrom the hole that drains my soul
C G DAnd if I can't kill the feeling now
F GHow do I, oh I, let go?
D DTime only heals when it wants to
D C G DI guess that's why I just can't get you off of my mind
(And the rest is the same as above) Yeah, when the walls come down between us Will you be on the other side? If you say you didn't need it I will let you right back in for the rest of my life Chorus 2: Only you can stop the bleeding From the hole that drains my soul And if you can't kill the feeling now How do I, oh I, let go? (Repeat Chorus 2)
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