Kenotia – Snowman Whats Your 20 tab

Snowman What's Your 20
You've Dug Your Grave Now Lie In It
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Key: A

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
F#m - 244222
D -   xx0232
A -   x02220
E -   022100
Bm -  x24432

Intro: F#m--D x2 D--E--F#m--A--D--Bm--A---E

Guitar 2:e|-12---------10---------9---------10---------|B|----10---10----10---10---10---10----10-12---|G|-------9----------9---------9-------------9-|D|--------------------------------------------| x2A|--------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: F#m D Silence, listen F#m D Write it down, take it in F#m A D I was never interested in shadows they've nothing for me F#m A D And i will never be your shadow though you look right through me F#m A This is not the way to D live a life, it's not a life F#m A It's just a way of wasting D time I wont waste time Refrain: F#m D(hold) Cause you give up... F#m A(hold) On everything... Chorus: D E Thrown away, your only chance A to ever know me in and out Bm Im shutting down now D E A If i was the best thing ever for you Bm D you you wont see cuz its gone for now Verse 2: F#m A I can hear the things you D E D say all your complaints F#m A Where's tomorrow? I hate D E D E today wont this go away away away F#m A But while you shut your eyes it's D passing by I'll wave goodbye F#m A But its not me thats someone D on your mind Am i on your mind? (Repeat Refrain and Chorus) Interlude: D--E--F#m--A-Bm Bridge: A F#m One more last chance D Makes no difference They're all the same... E They're all the same... (Repeat) (Repeat Chorus) Outro: D I'll watch you throw this away E A F#m oh dont you throw it away A E one day it will be worth it D Oh don't you throw this someday E F#m I know it's worth it to you A Bm End on A(hold) Oh no, oh no
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