Kesang Marstrand - Bodega Rose chords

Kesang Marstrand - Bodega rose


A Erainy bodega roses
F#mthe shop never closes
Dthey change shifts at dawn.
A Eeven in the smallest hours
F#mfresh-cut red flowers
Dbut you just walk on
F#m Emy love, my grey-eyed city child,
F#mwe couldīve grown wild,
Dwe couldīve grown wild.
A EBut this is what we chose,
F#mthe endless night,
D A E Athe bodega rose
A Eodd shadows of trees in the park
F#mclaim the darkest dark
Dwhile we sleep
A Etangled beneath the covers
F#m tangled in each other
Dand try to dream deep
refrain verse:
A E silence is wedded to south
F#mthat comes up through the ground
Dsinging for us
A Ebut few things move us like before
F#mnothing anymore
Dis what it once was
refrain 2x outro:
F#m D and it was no kind of test
A Ewe just chose the loneliness
Awe bore the best
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