Animal chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Kesha for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Kesha – Animal chords ver. 2

Verse 1:
D A I am in love
EmWith what we are
GNot what we should be
DAnd I am
AI am starstruck
EmWith every part
GOf this whole story
D A So if it's just tonight
EmThe animal inside
GLet it live and die
D A Like it's the end of time
EmLike everything inside
GLet it live and die
DThis is our last chance
AGive me your hands
EmCause our world is spinning
Gat the speed of light
DThe night is fading
Aheart is racing
BmNow just come and love me
Glike we're gonna die
Oh Verse 2:
D A I'm not asleep
EmI'm up for the fight
GInto the magic
DAnd I don't want
Athe concrete
EmI am alive
GComes with the tragic
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Piano Solo
A F#Oh Da da da
D---da da da Oh
A F#mOh Da da da
D---da da da Oh
(Repeat Chorus) Outro:
A F#mOh Da da da
D--- D(hold)da da da Oh
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