Kesha - Crazy Kids chords version 1

                            Crazy Kids-Ke$ha
G  D5  Cadd9  Em7

Chord Tab: G D5 Cadd9 Em7[----3----3----3----3----|[----3----3----3----3----|[----0----2----0----0----|[----0----0----2----2----|[----2----x----3----2----|[----3----x----x----0----|
(To play in tune; play the same chords with a capo on the third fret(?) but if you don't have a capo then just use the fingerings above) Chords with Lyrics:
G D5 Cadd9Hello, wherever you are
Em7 D5 Cadd9Are you dancing on the dancefloor or drinking by the bar?
(It just continues like that for the rest of the song!!! Thanx Guys, Cobra15
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