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Kevin Carlberg – Morning After chords ver. 2

Morning After
Kevin Carlberg
Capo 2

Intro:e|-------0--------|----------------|B|----3----3---3--|---3-----3-3/0\3|G|-2---------2----|-0---2----------|D|----------------|----------------|A|----------------|----------------|E|----------------|----------------| Repeat to taste. Plays through most verses. I usually switch to strumming after verse 1.
Dsus2 G AIt's 3 o'clock in the morning and I'm
Dsus2 G AAlone again
Dsus2 G ANo need to remind me it's a
Dsus2 G AHabitual, habitual trend
Dsus2 G APunching your number and I
Dsus2 G ASpoon the emptiness of air
Dsus2 G ABeautiful young rebel
Bm ABut you're not there
Dsus2 G AMuffled sound of carways
Dsus2 G A Replace your breath
Dsus2 G AThe morning smell of air waves
Dsus2 G A No one to hold, no one to have
Bm C#m ASweat in silence it's now 38 degrees
DThis sweat is killing me
Bm C#mRelease your downpour
AIt's not for you that my shoes,
Dthey make me stumble,
Bm Emake me fall to the ground
A D G DPossess my day, still my night I can't explain
A'til the morning after
D G DNo use I say, home by nine day after day
(Harmonics)e|------(12)------|B|--(7)------(12)-|G|----------------|D|----------------|A|----------------|E|----------------|In the morning after
(Same pattern) VERSE 3: At a quarter past I last woke, To a bite so bitter sweet It's not my fault that mosquito Needs my blood, needs my blood PRE CORUS: Sweat in silence it's now 42 degrees this sweat is killing me Pursue your instincts Maybe smell my skin and then Animals attract again Don't get chased by another CHORUS BRIDGE:
Bm C#m DBite the hand that feeds you
Bm C#m DHold my hand, and I'll follow
Bm C#m DTake control of my body
Bm C#m D ATake control of my body and my soul
CHORUSx2 (Play intro out) It's 3 o'clock in the morning, It's 3 o'clock in the morning, It's 3 o'clock in the morning,
Bm AAnd you're not there.
I wrote this because no one else would. I am by no means a music expert and would love any help with whatever sounds off.
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