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Kevin Daniel – Better Than Gold chords

capo 4

you play 3 chords throughout the whole song:

G, D/F#, Cadd9

G D/F#Driving slowly, summer nights breeze
Cadd9 D/F#Fill the space between us, one that shouldn't be
G D/F#I've been nervous, scared to come clean
Cadd9 D/F#I think she should leave him, cause he will never see that
G D/F#Her eyes are diamonds at night, her hair shines like the moon
Cadd9 D/F#She don't know, she don't know, I think she's better than gold
G D/F#She's worth more than he sees, deserves someone who loves her
Cadd9 D/F#This time I'll let her know, I think she's better than gold
....and so on I'm sorry if the lyrics aren't accurate.. correct me if you find any mistakes. Enjoy!
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