Kevin Denney - Thats Just Jessie tab

CAPO 3RD FRET IF YOUR DOWN A HALF OF STEP,OTHERWISE CAPO 4TH FRETDURING THIS TAB YOU WILL FORM G LIKE CHORD AND A CHORD FOR THE TAB HERE GOESE-3-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D---0----------0-----------0-2---------0----2-------------------------------|G------------0------0----0---2--------0-----2-------------------------------|B------3--2------0-----2-----2-H3-2-0----0--2-------------------------------|e---------------------------------------------------------------------------|The tab is played through out the song not the chorus i have listed the chords for thechorus i had to do this cause no one had done this yet five stars plz!
sometimes in the mornin, my coffee gets ice cold an I'll burn up three cigarettes before I have my first smoke missed my exit on the way to work every now and then always blamed it on the traffic when they asked me where I'd been and in a crowded elevator, I start hummin that ole song there's no way of knowin when that urge will come along I've been stuck in some meetin look down at my legal pad I see hearts, and flowers, and butterflies and I can't help but laugh Chorus: D thats just a dirt road, summer 89 Bm thats just a back seat, and some muscadine wine Em thats just auburn hair brushin, cross my cheek A and those kiss me green eyes smilin back at me D thats just my mind, jumpin fences once again Bm but I'll be fine, once I get roped back in Em A I know sometimes, I may act a little crazy D but thats just jesse Verse 2: and sometimes in the evenin I hear bare feet in the hall and I see your slender siloette,dance across the wall then I catch the scent of jasmine purfume in the wind and I know its her sweet memory comin back again (chorus)
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