Kevin Devine – Keep Ringing Your Bell tab

NO CAPOchords: F#m B7e--0------2--|B--0------0--|G--2------2--|D--4------1--|A--4------2--|E--X------x--|
E I'm counting out dollars while I limp to your brownstone. A Am I can just barely cover what I need to get back home. F#m And I know we're allowed indiscretion in our lives, B7 but I've been making mine count every night for a while. E I keep deleting your number and name from my cell phone, A Am but I call every day; that's as far as my act goes. F#m What you have helps me turn down the noise that I make, B7 but when it stops it just pokes me and keeps me awake. E My friends always warned about living cliches A Am but my friends aren't there when I meet you these days. F#m I count people and street signs from the back of your car B7 and then skip back excited to wherever they are. riff 1 I take risks in the stall while they talk by the bar. I won't go back outside 'til my memory starts erasing itself into something less brutal, some beautiful bullshit I pretend to belong to. E For as long as the truth tucks itself into bed, A Am and the beat of my heart and the heat of my breath F#m keep me hopeful and distant and proud of myself, B7 E I'll keep ringing your bell every night around twelve.
RIFF 1"I take risks" "I won't go" "erasing itself"e--9--------------9--------------------5----------|B--9-------------10--------------------5----------|G--9-------------11--------------------6----------|D--11------------11--------------------7----------|A--11-------------9--------------------7----------|E--9-----------------------------------5----------|
"beautiful bullshit i pretend to belong to"e--7------------------7-|B--7------------------7-|G--8------------------8-|D--9------------------9-|A--9------------------9-|E--7------------------8-|
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