Kevin Devine - Tomorrows Just Too Late chords

G Dyou drag your tigerís paw across
C/G Gadd9*your chapped & cracking lips,
Emand open up a crimson slur
C/G G+you spread each time you kiss.
Am Emthe broken boy you bargain with
C/G D Gadd9to turn back to the man
Amthat you fell in love with once
C/Gbut never saw again.
G C/G D Emis he in there? do you think he drowned to death?
A7 C/G Gadd9 Dwell it's his decision to show his face again.
G Dyou grind your tired teeth
C/G Gadd9*& curse the day that you were born
Em C/G G+to a sunken line of Irish wives a million miles long,
Am Em C/G D Gadd9devoted to the suffering they're certain they deserve.
Ama husbandís a cross to bear,
C/Gworry lines & a silver string of hair
G C/G D Emcome too early, come to steal your sainted youth
A7 C/G G Dwell it's your decision to stay or else to move.
C/G G& I'm not a man of faith, no gospel oak for me,
C/G G Dbut you wear a crucifix to broadcast your beliefs,
Am Am/B Em D Cand the god I've read about can't go where he's not asked to go.
Amso you've got a choice to make:
C/Gshut him out, save yourself, or sit and wait.
G C/G G D Embut you're waiting on a man who will not move.
A7 C/G Gso you must move for him and do what he can't do.
(mute) G C/G C/G D Emcause itís worth it, thatís the one life you can change,
A7 C/G Gand I'm sorry sister, but it has to end this way.
A7 C/G Gyea, itís scary sister, but tomorrowís just too late.
(Single strums)
A7so stand up sister,
C Gthereís an albatross to shake.
Kevin includes various licks, strange chords and transitions, a few of which I have here. Lyrics are included with the riffs, listen to the song for timing
Gadd9*=e|3 3
b|3 3 g|0 0 d|0 0 a|x x E|3 2 G+ = e|0 b|3 G|0 D|4 a|5 e|5
e|-------------------------------|b|----1--------------------------|g|----2--------------------------|d|----2----0h2--0----------------|a|--- 0-------------2--0---------|E|-------------------------------| Am That you fell in love with once
e|-----0--------------------------|b|-----1--------------------------|g|-----0--------------------------|d|-----2--------------------------|a|-----3---3--2--0----------------|E|--3--3------------2-------------| C/G But never saw again
for the G chords in the palm muted section at the end playe|------------3---------|b|--------0h1-----------|g|-----0----------------|d|-----0----------------|a|-----2----------------|E|--3--3----------------| xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
That's all! at least, all I could figure out
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