Kevin Devine – The Weathers Wonderful chords

A F#m AI feel the fog float on, and my heart wants what it wants
A F#m G#mBut my heart wants blood, so I bare my fangs and I hunt
A F#mI see a girl at the corner with a ring through her lip
G#m AAnd a purposeful dare in her eyes
A F#m ASo I zone you out, stalk over, and say hi
A F#m AI'm on the tree-lined road that encircles Berlin zoo
A F#m G#mI got my wolf hat on and I'm howling about you
A F#mSo I'm steak to a tiger & grain to a gull
G#m AAnd scraps to the one that I love
A F#m AAnd when they all want more I will never have enough
A F#m A At the sideshow tent the weather's wonderful today
A F#m G#mAbove the water tank, I taunt couples on first dates
A F#mWell I hung on the boardwalk and I hoped for your face
G#m AAnd I wince as the platform's released
A F#m AI come up for air and you're waiting in line for me
I'm pretty confident these are the chords, the lead part sounds pretty tricky to figure out, I will work on that eventually.
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