Kevin Devine – People Are So Fickle chords

Sorry for any mistakes I've made.


G,E,C x2
GOh baby, baby please
E CI feel an urgent need to apologize
G EI did a terrible thing in a terrible dream
CAnd now I can't look you in the eye
It started:
GWe were out on a date
EWhen you turned to say,
C"I gotta tell you something odd
GI know I said we'd get married
EBut I'm already married"
CAnd that's when you laughed so hard
ESo I turned and swung
BmWoke up in a shock
C DNails digging blood from the base of my palms
C DBecause people are so fickle
G EThey fall in love at different angles
C G DSo really I could lose you just as quickly as I've gotten you
C DAnd that's the kind of thought that makes me nervous
G EAnd worried if you'll really think I'm worth it
C D G EWhen the rush wears off and you're left with this busted person
C D G EBut if you tell me you will I will do what I can to believe it
G,E,C x2
GSo baby all the things that I've seen
ELast night while asleep
CThis morning, they're messing with me
GAnd now I'm anxious as hell
EAnd looking for help
CSomething pleasant and painless
Some story to tell
GWith a throughline of calm
Bm DThat could stop me from being myself
C D'Cause all I think is how I wanna be your fever
G EJust to know I make you heated
C G D'Cause I worry you might see me more like a blanket
C DWho's there for comfort and for cover
G EFrom the glare of former lovers
EAll that passion that kissed you and bit you 'til you were devoured
C D G EAnd I'd like to get better 'cause thinking like this is torture
G,E,C x2 D
C GAnd if I can't stop it you'll get sick of bearing crosses
Dsus4(add9) EAnd you'll jump to cut your losses
C GYou'll go get quarantined somewhere far from me
DWhere it's much less dangerous
C DBut maybe if I wake up and quit dreaming
G EI can shake and shit I'm fearing
C D E GAnd I can realize I'm just freaking out for no good reason
I'll tell you what: C D
EIf that's a line I can cross, once I get there, I'm not ever leaving
C G Bm Dsus(add9)
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