Kevin Devine - This Box Is Empty tab

Drop D
Guitar 1: Distorted Electric
Guitar 2: Acoustic


Gtr 1:e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|-3-2--------------------------------|A|-----3-3-3-2-0-0-0------------------|D|-------------------5-3-3-3-2-0-0----|
Gtr 1:e|----------------------| |----------|B|----------------------| |----------|G|----------------------| x6 |----------|D|----------0-23--2--0--| |-2-2------|A|-0--2--3--------------| |-------0--|D|----------------------| |-----5----|
Gtr. 2: (quickly pick the chords- not sure on the pattern) Am Bm C Dm Em F she's crossing out the details. Em Dm Am Bm dusting off the picture frames, it's saturday. C Dm Em F Em Dm she's been waiting for the phone to ring. Am she's been waiting all night. Bm C Dm Em F but it doesn't matter who's on the line Em Dm Am Bm as long as the voice works. C Dm Em F Em Dm but you're too scared of what you might say. Am Bm C Dm so you think it out on paper, hypothetical and safer. Em F Em while she's thumbing through her catalogues, Dm Am Bm picking birthday cards, her favourite stars. C Dm Em F Em Dm i guess she's lonelier than you. Chorus: Both Guitars (Strumming): A5 B5 C5 D5 Am And if this box is empty
Gtr 1:e|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|----------------------| x2D|----------0-23--2--0--| A|-0--2--3--------------| D|----------------------|
Gtr 2 (Back to picking): Am Bm ..empty C Dm Em F go out and find another one. Em Dm with a prettier design. Am Bm and greater depth inside. C Dm Em F Em Dm and a lid to keep it all from spilling out. Post Chorus:
Gtr 1:e|---------------| B|---------------| G|---------------| x2D|---------------| A|-3-------------| D|----5--3--3--5-|
Gtr 1:e|----------------------| |---------------|B|----------------------| |---------------|G|----------------------| x4 |---------------|D|----------0-23--2--0--| |-3--3-2--------|A|-0--2--3--------------| |--------3---0--|D|----------------------| |----------5----|
Gtr 2: C G and you can fill it up with letters. F back when things were better. C G and both of you had blinders on F Am Bm and story books together. C Dm Em F Em Dm Am Bm and you pretend it outweighs all the bad things. C Dm Em F Em Dm and now she disconnects her phone, after the second ring. Am Bm and all the drama you can swallow. C Dm Em F Em Dm Am Bm never check your ego. C Dm Em F Em Dm i guess no one's lonelier than you. Outro:
Gtr 1:e|----------------------| B|----------------------| G|----------------------| D|----------0-23--2--0--| (repeat until end)A|-0--2--3--------------| D|----------------------|
Gtr 2: Am Bm C Dm Em F Em Dm And if this box is empty x4 Am Bm C Dm Em F Em Dm Ba da da.... (repeat until end)
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