Kevin Devine - You Are The Daybreak chords

I noticed dididisaster had posted some chords into the comments on the song. Some of
didn't sound right to me, and I figured I would try my best to fix it up a little bit and
it on here to make it more accessible. Sorry if I messed up a bunch. Email me for any

During the last two stanzas of lyrics when Kevin plays the G he slides it up to 5 then
again before playing Dadd11


Chords: (I'll leave out the normal ones.) Gadd9 Am11 D9 G5 Gm A9sus4 Am7 Dadd11e|3------3---------3----3------------------3-------|B|3------3-----5---3----3-------------1----3-------|G|4------5---------4----5----7-------------2-------|D|x------5-----4---5----3----5--------2------------|A|5------------5---5----5--------------------------|E|5----------------3----3------------------2-------|
Gadd9 Am11It's going straight to my head:
D9 G5 GmI think I'm falling in love again.
Gadd9Such simple miracles have happened
Am11 since your steady hands have come and
D9 A9sus4stopped my unraveling.
Gadd9 Am11Your fingers, built for the piano,
D9 G5 Gmwork out the knots that line my back.
Gadd9The stress I've stored since last December;
Am11 But now, it doesn't matter.
D9 A9sus4I've learned to leave it in my past.
Gadd9And I feel good about the future,
Am11 D9 G5 Gmand this clarity I've never had.
Gadd9You are the bounce in my step,
Am11 the burst of blood in my chest,
D9 A9sus4the prayer I've kept in my head.
Am7 CYou are the knock of my knees,
Dm G Dadd11the swollen sound of each song
Am7I scribble down and tear up,
Cbecause they never match up.
Dm AYou are the words I fumble for.
BmIn the morning,
C Dyou are the daybreak,
G Dadd11and I am glad.
Am7And at night,
Cyou are the dream
D F Dadd11I fall asleep to have.
Am7,C,D,F,Dadd11 [x2]
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