Kevin Devine - Yr Husband chords

Yr Husband from the Brother's Blood LP.

Capo 4

D E A GE|--2--2--------|B|--3--3--2-----|G|--2--0--2--0--|D|--0--2--2--0--|A|--------0--2--|E|-----------3--|
Palm Muted
Dyour husband,
Ehe drinks like a writer,
Abut he writes like a banker,
G Di hope his pens all run dry.
you watch him from your cave in the corner, full moon eyes flame and flicker, the wild way that i like.
This lead part is played during the next verse. D E A GE|--3-2---2-0--------------|B|--3-3---3-3---3-2---3-3--|G|--------------2-2---4-2--|D|--------------------5-4--|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
from my part, i pretend i don't notice dumb friend you're a poet, and i could do this all night.
Gand i'll stay like that,
Dhands locked in my lap,
Em Awhat i want jailed up in my mind,
Guntil i slide to sleep
Dwhere you're waitin' for me,
Emand we do what we want to,
Aand shut ourselves off for the night.
Not Muted D Em A G D til morning barrels in like a brides maid, drunk and desperate for her day, drags me out, picks a fight. and i see i'm alone here picture frames and a hot plate stubborn sun spites the hallways paint chips blink yellow white. and i'm stretching, in the act of forgetting, bear teeth and blood letting, signals crossed half my life.
Gand the local grown
sees your notes towards my home,
Emdreaming fits as we crawl underground,
Gand you're shedding skin,
so i keep what i can.
Emyeah i fill up my pockets,
and stuff all that's left in my mouth. now you are a part of me, for as long as i sleep. i could trick myself into a trance, where were as firm as facts, and i don't give you back every morning the sun comes to shuttle you back to your man. Feedback is appreciated.
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