Kevin Devine - Luxembourg chords

E Fm A EI have weaknesses like all my brothers do
Fm A Fm AmAn objectifying eye and hands that follow suit
E Fm A Am*Some ugly allergy to the true love on my plate
C#m D A EWrong wiring, connections I can't make
Fm A EI had this pocketwatch from a love I couldn't claim
Fm A Fm AmI lost in Luxembourg, whispering your name
E Fm A Am*To a sculpture garden where time won't heal all wounds
C#m D A EWIthout regret I still remember every night with you
Fm A E Fm A E
Fm A EI felt your belly blessed with a blooming baby boy
Fm A Fm Am**I dreamt he'd be mine once - like I really had the choice
E Fm A Am*Kids do stupid things, and I was, and I did
C#m D A EA long life ago, some other person lived
Fm A EShe seemed satisfied in the corner of the frame
Fm A Fm AmUntil she turned to me, said "I need to walk away
E Fm A Am*Speak no argument, you're nowhere close to sure;
C#m D A EI'm sorry, but, I don't have time for sorry anymore."
* ** 8 7 10 5 9 5 10 7 0 0 x x
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