Kevin Devine – Awake In The Dirt chords

EmDad I know
AYou can't see
F#My actions as
BmA plea for peace
EmYou can't get past
AThe rocks stained red
F#The nail bomb blast
BmThe doctor, dead
EmYour prairie dream
AYour liberal heart
F#Your patient mind
BmYour father's arms
EmThey just won't do
AThey just can't fit
F#It's them, not Marx
DYou can blame for this
Bb A DAlive in the dirt
EmAlive in the dirt
F# BmI'm at peace, sainted and waiting
FFor my perfect pain to speak through me again
Break: Bm, Em, A, F#, Bm
EmDad, I found God
AThrough Vietnam
F#Mai Lai's graves
BmAgent Orange
EmSee, we live lies
AWe have to choose
F#Our bombs speak loud
BmSo I spoke, too
EmThen disappeared
ATen miles from home
F#Newark slum
BmWhere you won't go
EmIt's here I've found
AMy higher self
F#A life that works
DAnd suits me well
Bb A DI pray for the dirt
EmI pray for the dirt
F# Bm FAnd I ask to suffer in silence
G CTo stay here in hell
G# G C Awake in the dirt
G# G EmAwake in the dirt
Am F Awake in the dirt now
EmMy stutter lifts
AMy words come clear
F#Your little girl
BmShe's just not here
EmI am sure
AAt my death
F#The truth will float
BmOn God's sweet breath
EmUntil that time
ADon't ask for me
F#Behind this veil
DIs where I'll be
Bb A D At one with the dirt
EmAt one with the dirt
F# Bm I'm at peace, sainted and waiting
F BmFor my perfect pain to cover me for good?
Outro: Em, A, F#, Bm, Em, A, F#
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