Kevin Devine – Between The Concrete And Clouds chords

the other tab is just missing a solo and some details. my guitar teacher helped me learn
this one. hope it helps:)and sorry if im not the greatest at tabbing, this is my first
tab, so bear with me. im almost positive it is 100% correct. email me for 

intro... Am E7 D/F# F Ee)0----0---(3)---1----0-|B)1----3----1----1----0-|G)2----1----2----2----1-|D)2----0----0----3----2-|A)0----2----0----3----2-|E)0----0----2----1----0-|*for D/F* hammer and pull off high e string on 3rd fret
Pre-chorus Dm G E Am G F Ge)5----3-|B)6----3-|G)7----4-| (X2)D)7----5-|A)5----5-|E)5----3-|
Chorus F G C F E Am (repeat as necessary)
(played over solo)e)------------|B)13-15-13-12-|G)14-16-14-13-|D)------------|A)------------|E)------------| and distorted.
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