Kevin Devine – Awake In The Dirt chords ver. 2

 "Awake in the Dirt" - Kevin Devine (GDB)

This song was inspired by the book "American Pastoral" by Philip Roth. 
It's tentative title was "Merry Levov" (after the female radical character).

   INTRO     |    Chorus    |    Break 1    |    Break 2   |
Bm:  x24432  |  Bb: 013300  |  (G): 320032  |  C:  032010  |
G:   355433  |  A:  002220  |               |  Em: 022000  |
Gb:  244222  |              |               |  Am: 002210  |
Gb7: 24x322  |              |               |              |
D:   000323  | (D): 057700  |               |              |

Bm (-carried over-)
GDad I know
GbYou can't see
Gb7My actions as
BmA plea for peace
--VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GYou can't get past
GbThe rocks stained red
Gb7The nail-bomb blast
BmThe doctor dead
--VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GYour prairie dream
GbYour liberal heart
Gb7Your patient mind
BmYou father's arms
--ALT VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GThey just won't do
GbThey just can't fit
Gb7It's them, not Marx
DYou can blame for this
D Bb -> A -> DAlive in the dirt
D G Alive in the dirt
Gb7 BmI'm at peace, sainted and waiting
G (*see below for notes) For my perfect pain to speak through me again --BREAK 1: Bm > (G) > Gb > Gb7 --VERSE:
Bm GDad I found God
GbThrough Vietnam
Gb7My Lai's graves
BmAnd Agent Orange
--VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GSee we live lives
GbWe must choose
Gb7Our bombs spoke loud
BmSo I spoke, too
--VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GThen disappeared,
GbTen miles from home
Gb7a Newark slum
BmWhere you won't go
--ALT VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GIt's here I've found
GbMy higher self
Gb7A life that works
DAnd suits me well
D Bb -> A -> DI pray for the dirt
D G I pray for the dirt
Gb7 BmAnd I ask to suffer in silence
Bb GTo stay here in hell, ohhhhhhh
--BREAK 2:
C Ab -> G -> CAwake in the dirt, ohhhhh-ohhhh-ohhhhh
C Ab -> G -> EmAwake in the dirt, ohhhhh-ohhhh-ohhhhh
Em AmAwake in the dirt, now.
G (see below for notes) --VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GMy stutter lifts
GbMy words come clear
Gb7Your little girl
BmShe's just not here
--VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GI am sure
GbThat at my death
Gb7The truth will float
Bmon God's sweet breath
--ALT VERSE: Bm (-carried over-)
GUntil that time
Gbdon't ask for me
Gb7Behind this veil
Dis where I'll be
D Bb -> A -> DAt one with the dirt
D G At one with the dirt
Gb7 BmI'm at peace, sainted and waiting
G (*see below for notes) For my perfect pain to speak through me for good -OUTRO: Bm -> G -> Gb -> Gb7 Bm -> G -> Gb -> Gb7 _____________________________________________________________________ Not absolutely sure about this next part, but it is a rough estimate.
--CHORUS NOTES: G G De-(?)---------------------------------|B-(?)-5-----5---(?)----------7--------|G--0--------0---(?)----------7--------| Then the "Bm" in the nextD--0--------5--------7-5-4---5--------| verse comes immediately afterA--5--------5-------------------------|E--3--------3-------------------------| Per-fect pain to s t m again V ^ V ^ V V V ^
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