Kevin Devine - The First Hit tab

Tuning - standard 

intro/verse picking e|----------------------------------------------------------|b|----3-------2-------2-------3-------2-------0-------2-----| g|--2---2---2---2---2---2---4---4---2---2---0---0---2---2---| d|4-------2-------4-------4-------4-------0-------2-------2-|a|----------------------------------------------------------|e|----------------------------------------------------------| Christ on the cross, no more room, just slide off Meet on the wire, no more lines, can't climb higher
G A So from your new plateau you writhe and wait, G For something real to shake your bones, A To turn you back into a person
Verse 2 e|----------------------------------| b|3---2---2---3---2---0---2h3p2h3p2-| g|2---2---2---4---2---0---2-2-2-2-2-| d|4---2---4---4---4---0---2h4p2h4p2-| a|----------------------------------| e|----------------------------------| You sublet the space, cut your costs, flipped off fate And watched while she packed, cried and cried, but no come back
G A You figured you could sit around and wait, G For love this real to just pop up, A To fall from trees, to ride on rainstorms Chorus G D G Bm A Convinced it was worth it, you swore it was worth it G D A You said it was worth it through the first hit Em D Bm A But back amongst the dirt and spent grass Em D Bm A The empty coffee cups, the green glass Em D Bm A The basement brokering and side bets Em D Bm A The puzzle pieces in the tool shed G D I think you can build it, G Bm A I think you can build it G D A I know you can build it cause I built it G D G Bm A Convinced it was worth it, you swore it was worth it G D A You said it was worth it through the first hit G D Back before you moved so fast G Bm A And traced your veins with splintered glass G D A Your lazy eyes aligned to find a purpose, a purpose
soloe|-----------------------------------| b|-----------------------------------| g|-----------------------------------| d|10-12-10-8-7---0-4-7-4--0-4-7-4\2--| a|-----------------------------------| e|-----------------------------------|
endinge|--------------------------------------------------------5-| b|----3-------2-------2-------3-------2-------0-------2-----| g|--2---2---2---2---2---2---4---4---2---2---0---0---2---2---| d|4-------2-------4-------4-------4-------0-------2---------| a|----------------------------------------------------------| e|----------------------------------------------------------|
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