Kevin Devine - Cotton Crush tab

A2 B2e-----------|B--5--------|G--6---9--8-|D--7---9--9-|A--0---x--x-|E------9--9-|
first verse is the intro repeated A The bricks get laid, and they get torn up, and laid again, C#m but the bricks always get torn up again. A Your friends won't wait, so don't believe that shit, when they say they'll wait. C#m Trust me; your friends will not wait for you. C#m - B - A A B7 Then you'll be stoned in some park, C#m E just nodding your head and pinching your arms, A when a girl walks along. B7 She's humming your song, C#m with your t-shirt on. E That's when you're done, A2 Oh, that's when you're done... A2-B2-A A There's a cotton crush A down in the southern states. A But back up here, man, we've got C#m so much thread and space to waste, waste, waste. C#m - B - A A There's a microphone picking every word up and it shuts itself off C#m when it's sure that's its heard enough..... B A The quiet can scrape B all the calm from your bones, C#m but maybe it should. E Maybe we need to be hollowed A to get up and grow, B and stop fucking around, C#m E to kick off our braces and start straightening out. A Let's sift through the static B to find a simpler sound C#m Let's sift through the static E to find a simpler sound... A B A simpler sound, a simpler sound C#m E A simpler sound than the shit that's clouding our heads now A - B7 - C#m - E
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