Kevin Devine – Burning City Smoke tab

Capo - 1st Fret
F#m - X-10-12-12-11-10

40 million refugees
	D		E			A
with no place on this earth to call their home
one for every aimless graduate
	D		E		   A
with nothing else to show for it but loans
	D		A
And those of us who make a mark
	E		A
use someone else's blood
	D		        A
Our western stain won't wash away
	E		A
won't vanish in the flood
	Bm			  A
It goes deeper through each hurricane
        D       E		Bm        A
and tidal wave and war
	      C#m	      F#m
We want everything we see
		Bm	  E	         A
and once it's gone we just want more
Atlas had those shoulders
	       D	   	     E		       A
We've got Ambien and Jamesons and blow
to bind us in a bubble
	      D			       E		   A
keep the newsprint nightmare distant and remote
	D		A
But when we wake in guillotines 
	E		         A
And pitch our screaming fits
		D		A
When the governors strikes up the band 
	E		A
And gags our parted lips
		Bm			  A
When the worst case shows up dressed and dazzling, 
  D       E	Bm       A
Ready for the ball
	      C#m	      F#m
Boy, that bubbles bound to burst, 

	          Bm     E	         A
And what a tragic way to fall
The tabloids tell us hate the rat that 
D	   	     	     E		     	    A
Strikes those subways closed and puts you out
A					D
Forgot those 50 hour tunnel weeks inhaling 
		E		     A
Steel dust poison through his mouth
D				A
Well if he donย’t deserve a pension that 
		E	   A
Makes his family feel secure
D			A
If we're now so disconnected
	E		A
it's our reflections we ignore
And if our constant choices
A			D	E	Bm	A
skim and pass the writing on the wall
		C#m		F#m
Then, I'm sad to say we're lost
		Bm	   E	A
and I'm embarrassed for us all

Just play that same pattern over until the end of the song...
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