Kevin Drew - Lucky Ones tab

Lucky Ones by Kevin Drew
Album: Spirit If...

capo 2nd

riff: A Ee--2--2--2-0--2--4--4--2-0-----------------B---------------------------0-------------- yeaaaaah
A E D F#m x3 A Well every time you took me to the lies of your bed E you know I tried to do it every time you read D but all of your words that came down like your spies F#m trickled through the morphine and tried to make a crime A I don't expect to suggest that we're through E you know I can live without you if you do D but tell me that the time temperature is rising in your head F#m tell me the blood is not to be mislead (riff x4) A All of these little boys coming through the cracks E trying to pick up the things, performed all the slack D I've seen the broken fences right down to the line F#m green like a mind that said it never was retired A I know I know I know it's true E all the things you thought about I want you to do D and when the clouds separated in comes the sun F#m hurry through the song that a girl once song A she's the reason why I'm trying to make it alright E trying to drive through to Croatia tonight D wanna lie beside her with the wind in my hand F#m try to be a stereotype with a plan A but my love of god and my god is love E that's why you ruined all the things of the above D don't you expect to make a phone call tonight F#m treat me like a mother fucked who is right (riff x4) A E Oh I know we're gonna be the lucky ones (x4) A E D F#m A Every time the future comes into my past E I know you should sing about the things that will last D I got a prize in neverneverland, F#m took a tattoo and tried to make a new friend A you can see the ideas coming right through the glass E everyone sings about something that past D but I don't decide whether I can believe F#m take me to your bed and show me some trees A I can build a featherbird in your home E try to tell you that there's plenty to roam D you're like the blood that lives inside my bed F#m I need to tell you that you are not misled (riff x4) A E oh I know we're gonna be the lucky ones
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