Kevin Drew – F-cked Up Kid tab

pretty rough and probably a bit wrong, but it works for me. someone with a better ear 
feel free to make suggestions.
sounds best if everything is played as barre chords (or power chords, depending on how 
you are_

G Bm x3
D                     A
Skin stains are left across the floor
            D                      G
I know it's cause we didn't speak about the war
   A              Bm
my time is only a guess
D              A
faces are like art upon the wall
D                     G
and I hope the rumors will break your fall
A                   Bm                     D
Guess it's gonna be love for the fucked up kid

D A Bm x3

D                    A
Spoiled fingers in a club that's a mess
D                 G
I separated their eyes from the chest
      A             Bm
and I think we look like the rest
D                A
if you seize the cake from the man
D                           G
he might take his words and lie down with his plan
          A                Bm                      D
I know he did, cuz he's in love with the fucked up kid

D A Bm x3

D                            A
And all the puddles that I decided to explain
D                      G
I heard there's a funeral for your name
     A                Bm
they say the lies are better than the tests
D                          A
and when you came back you killed me with a kiss
D                     G
like a glorious fight I wished I'd missed
   A                  Bm                      D
ah shit, guess I'm in love with the fucked up kid

D A Bm x3
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