Kevin Fowler – Lord Loves The Drinking Man tab

Great song by a great band, if you havent ever heard this guy, check him out! Youll
have to listen to the song to get the rythem, but its a good one. any questions email
me at

D (hit only once)
The lord loves a drinkin man,
G                                               A
He sent honky tonk angels to the promised land, i hear that he can turn the 
water to wine, and any man that can do that, well he's a good freind of 
       D                                                            G
mine. I've been baptised in beer and im here to testifffyyyy i was speakin 
in tounges when i came home last night. Some folks say im living in sin but 
G            A              D
i know, the lord loves the drinkin man.

same chord progression thru the whole song. listen to it, learn it, its a good one
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