Kevin Johansen - Down With My Baby tab

A Fm#|--------------------------------------------||----2----2------2---2-----2----2-----2---2--||----2----2------2---2-----2----2-----2---2--||----2----2------2---2-----4----4-----4---4--||--0----0------0---0-------------------------||-------------------------2---2---0-2---2----|I'm gonna get down with my baby
A Cm#|------------------------------------------------||-----2----2-----2---2-------6-----6-----6----6--||-----2----2-----2---2-------6-----6-----6----6--||-----2----2-----2---2-------5-----5-----5----5--||--0----0------0---0-----0-4-----4---0-4----4----||------------------------------------------------|I'm gonna get down with her soon
D Bm|----2----2----2---2------------------------||----3----3----3---3-----3----3-----3----3--||----2----2----2---2-----4----4-----4----4--||--0----0----0---0-------4----4-----4----4--||--------------------0-2----2---0-2----2----||-------------------------------------------|She´s on her way and I just can´t wait
G C|-------------------------------| |----3--3-----3--3---------1----||----0--0-----0--0-------0------||----0--0-----0--0-----2--------||--------------------3----------||0-3--3---0-3---3---------------|She´ll be back by this afternoon
Aca les pongo lo que dice durante la cancion, como regalito. I´ve been waitin´for this moment, baby Knowing all along that it was goin´to happen Even through the moments of doubt, baby I knew you´d come through You owed it to yourself, baby You were with him for way too long Trapped in you own fears for almost 8 years And all you had to do was wake up and walk out Cause I was here waitin´all along And now you know That you belong to yourself Not to him, not to me And you chose me Thank you Espero que les salga, cualquier cosa avisen! Suerte!!
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