Keziah Jones – Gods Glory tab

Warning: this file is all my own work !!!
Artist: Keziah Jones
Song: god's glory


transcription by jelloul (

okay,this song is one the easiest to play among 
the songs of this guitar killer :Op

if you still don't get it,i make a recording of it,
just e-mail me and i'll provide it to you

Accords: standard tuning (EADGBe)
E?:024100 (E with the little finger on the 4 fret)
Am:002210 (you already knew that :Op)

Intro and InterCouplet:======================== first part second part first parte|-0-0-1-2-----------|-0-0-1-2-----------|-0-0-1-2-----|B|----------1----1---|---------1---------|---------1---|G|------------0----0-|------------0------|-----------0-|D|-0-0-0-0-----------|-0-0-0-0-------1-0-|-0-0-0-0-----|A|----------0--------|---------0---------|---------0---|E|------------0--0-0-|------------0------|-----------0-|
After that he strikes the chords (without letting ring) and then: for the intercouplet, you play the first part twice. Couplet: ======== E E E4E4 E E? E E? E Soothe my mind A AA A Am AmAm Am with life story E E E4E4 E E? E E? E Soothe my kind A AA A Am AmAm Am with gods glory Refrain: ======== Em gods glory (who?) C gods glory (who?) Bm gods glory (who?) Am gods glory (who?) Intercouplet: ============= (first part) tududududu (fisrt part) tududududu (then strike the chords without letting it ring) Couplet: ========= say amen ra allah akhbar lagbara oluwa we will see Refrain: ======== gods glory who? gods glory who? gods glory who? gods glory who? Then play the couplet and the refrain and fade on E.
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