Keziah Jones - Hello Heavenly tab


transcription par Jelloul(

Accords: avec barrés.

Riffs sur les accords:====================== Em7 Bm1e|-/7-8---------10-10-10-| e|---------------------7-7-7-|B|-------7------8--8--8--| B|---------------------7-7-7-|G|---------9----7--7--7--| G|---7h9/11\9-7--------7-7-7-| D|-----------9--9--9--9--| D|-9------------9-7-9--9-7-9-|A|-----------7--7--7--7--| A|------------------9--9-7-9-|E|-----------0-----------| E|------------------7--7-7-7-|
Bm2e|---------------7-7-7-|B|---------------7-7-7-|G|---------------7-7-7-|D|------7-9-7-9--9-7-9-| (): des fois il joue une seule fois le 9 et des fois 2A|-9-(9)------9--9-7-9-|E|------------7--7-7-7-|
Couplet: jouer les riffs ======== Em7 hello heavenly Em7 come along with me Bm1 Bm2 i will show it all Em7 show you how to be Em7 free in captivity Bm1 Bm2 how to know it all CHORUS: en accords ======= C (81010988) will we C D ever overcome? C# A# like to say yeah C# and i think that we should pray A# then we shall overcome C# if we stay A# together move as one C# cuz today A# the future is begun C# A# C# if we say that we shall overcome Couplet: pareil ke le premier ======== ill tell you what i see,captures all are free those who know it all hell is heavenly the angels, guns, and me groove inside a war Chorus: ======= C (81010988) will we C D ever overcome? B C like to say yeah I'd like to say yeah Ensuite: ======== D#m A# then we shall overcome D#m A# if we stay together move as one D#m A# cuz today the future is begun D#m A#m if we say that we shall overcome Em that we stay .... Ensuite on redit le même couplet jusqu'au bout en utilisant 1) Em et B (au lieu de D#m et A#) puis 2) F#m et C# 3) G et D 4) A et E mais la on entend preske plus rien (pis y a un peu le manche de la guitare ki bloke :O)) Note: there might be some mistakes (Major chords that should be Minor) ===== vouala!
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