Keziah Jones - Walkin Naked tab


Transcription par Jelloul(


C'est le meme enchainement que pour le blues:
C C C C  F F  C C  G F C

Riffs sur:========== C Fe||-----8--8--8---8-|| e||-----------8---8---||B||-----11-11-8---8-|| B||-10--11-11-10--8---||G||-----9--9--9---8-|| G||-10--10-10-10--8---||D||-10--8--8------8-|| D||-10--10-10-----8---||A||-10------------8-|| A||-8-------------8---||E||-8-------------8-|| E||---------------8---|| ^ ^ faire sonner la derniere corde
Rem: Le barré en 8 a la fin c'est pour enchainer sur l'accord suivant. ==== Intro: G F ====== Couplet: ======== C I've sat in Alleyways C And spoke to buildings C I've worn a womans body C To provoke a male F I've spread emotion lotion On ma feelings c To clean the river That's running thru me G I'd like to sail on the ocean of love F (un seul coup,pas de riff) But the wind said : "This boat aint goin nowhere C CCC Without a breeze" (etc) My mind Has been twisted Reformed Conformed And deformed by someone I met by complete chance In a bluebell field I'd like to hold you tight Hold you close Cover your mouth Burn all your clothes Chorus Walkin naked thru a bluebell field So much laughter Should intensify the real Walkin naked thru a bluebell field I'd like to kiss your hips Lick your lips Shed my soul + Blind fold ya Chorus I'd like to fuck your aura And when I have the time I'd like to unscrew your mind Chorus I'd like to tell your mama Tell your pa Bout the "thangs" we did In their backyard
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