Keziah Jones – Rhythm Is Love tab


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rem:  t = tap (hit the wood of the guitar)
====  / = slide up
      b = bend (tirer sur la corde)
      d =down (vers le bas)   u=up

 (7b) : not played for the first time,but then yes.
t t dddu d de|---7----x-----------7----x------------7-------7----6----4--4444-3/4-4-|B|--7---9-x-11-------7---9-x--7b-------7---9----7----6----4--4444-3/4-4-|G|-7------x---------7------x-(7b)-----7---------7----6----4--4444-3/4-4-|D|----------------------------------------------9----8----6-------------|A|----------------------------------------------9----8----6-------------|E|----------------------------------------------7----6----4-------------| if i try to take you there Would you come with me rea--son flies, fear is scare, the o-cean love the sea
t t e|---7----x-----------7----x------------7-------7----6----4------------|B|--7---9-x-11-------7---9-x--7b-------7---9----7----6----4------------|G|-7------x---------7------x-(7b)-----7---------7----6----4------------|D|----------------------------------------------9----8----6------------|A|----------------------------------------------9----8----6----------6-|E|----------------------------------------------7----6----4---22--4--4-| If I try to take you there, would you come with me?
t t dddu d de|---7----x-----------7----x--------||-----7-------7-----6----4--4444-3/4-4-||B|--7---9-x-11-------7---9-x--7b----||----7---9----7-----6----4--4444-3/4-4-||G|-7------x---------7------x-(7b)---||---7---------7-----6----4--4444-3/4-4-||(bis)D|----------------------------------||-------------9-----8----6-------------||A|----------------------------------||-------------9-----8----6-------------||E|----------------------------------||-------------7-----6----4-------------|| rea-son flies, fear is scare, the o----cean loves the sea
Bm A#m G#m couplet. then: the ocean loves the.....sea !!! note: for the dddu part: sometimes make the e ring more (for the beginning), ===== and sometimes the B more (the last part). Accords: ======== G#m:466444 G#m2:466844 (petit doigt en 8) C#m:9 11 11 999 E:x79997 B:799877 B*:777777 Rem: y a pas de G#m2 en fait, === on joue une partie de la basse avec la gratte,mais ca donne bien. si zaimez po y a ka jouer G#m à la place.
Riff1: (pour le couplet)====== u de|----------------|B|----------------|G|----------------| le 1 1 c tres rapide,en fait y a que trois notes,D|----------------| c juste un effet.A|----------------|E|1-1----2----3---|
G#m G#m2 C#m Rhythm is love G#m G#m2 C#m (sec) Heaven is just another world Riff1 For the feelin called musi--cal G#m G#m2 C#m (bis) Color is lust Because all of the sexual "thangs" we do In my mind I trust you make em all colorful Chorus: ====== E B* I'd like to put you B B* In such a romance E B* Take you down B B* To Paris, France E B* B B* Leave the cafés and the bars E B* G#m G#m2 Walk the wintry boulevaaaaards Rem: le dernier B* ,en fait c po vrez, ==== y a juste la basse qui joue ,mais ca donne. Couplet: ======== Is that a smile I see ? Well, maybe your not even Looking at me Cuz if you smile for no reason The season is lost But if your love is the rhythm Ma rhythm is love Chorus Ma rhythm is love Coming at you Just like this! (chrous) B à la fin y joue le chorus et y finit avec un B "boulevards"
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