Kgb - Pudenda Agenda tab



Strawberry shortcake
Strawberry shortcake

One more time
e----5-----------5----5--|B----7-----------5----5--| REPEAT THIS RIFFG----7-----------6----6--| UNTIL END OF SONGD----7--5-6-7----7----7--|A--5-------------7----7--|E--------------5----5----|
(Yeehaw) I said fuck that I don't wanna take no crap from no cop Hit you with a judo chop You'll get dropped I used to work at the candy shop I did dishes And pushed a mop And I sold candy and soda pop And it sucked I cussed the boss and my ass got cut I was fucked Bought me this new guitar Started singing and I learned some chords I said rock star I wanna be a rock star So I can So I can shag Gwen Stefani Gwen makes me horny Gimme some Gwen Punani Yeah Gimme some Gwen Punani
e-------5-----5--|B-------7-----7--|G-------7-----7--|D-------7-----7--|A-------5-----5--|E-------X-----X--| I'd fuck that
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tabbed by LALAPALALAPAZA August 1, 2002
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