Kid Cudi - Embrace The Martian chords

BmExnay on the bullshit man
DWhen I roll back to Cleveland
AI can't believe them
GSounds of the nonbelievers, outcasts
BmTill I'm in dirt before it did hurt
DNow I can overstand how you could just miss the front on
AAsk me how I feel about the ones with closed eyes
GMy words how I feel exactly
BmAre fuck that
DI don't give a damn bout no one, hater
ATalkin' down
Don't be afraid at all y'all
G BmAll I ask of all y'all is to please
DEmbrace the martian
AEmbrace the martian
I come in peace
GBut I need y'all rockin' with me
Bm DPlease please
AEmbrace the martian
GAnd this is how it sounds
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