Kid Cudi – Make Her Say tab

Artist: Kid Cudi
Song: Make Her Say ft. Kanye West and Common
Album: Man on the Moon: The End of Day

Tabbed by: Nh4nV12

Tuning: Standard

B F# A E-7- -2- -5- -0-|-7- -2- -5- -0-|-8- -3- -6- -1-|-9- -4- -7- -2-|-9- -4- -7- -2-|-7- -2- -5- -0-|
B F# A Ee|-------------|----2-2h4-2--|---------------|--------------|B|----7-7h9-7--|--2----------|---------------|--------------|G|----8--------|--3----------|-6-------------|-1-1-1-1------|D|--9----------|--4----------|-7-7-7-7-7-7/9-|-2------------|A|----9--------|-------------|---------------|-2------------|E|--7----------|--2----------|-5-------------|--------------|
You can play either the picking or just strum the chords along with the song, or you can a partner strum while you do the fingerpicking. I simplified the fingerpicking to make easier to learn. I'm sure you can ad a few notes here and there to mix it up a bit. comment, and if you have any questions just email me. I make her say B F# Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (when I) A E Pa-pa-pa poke her face pa-pa poke her face (I make her say) B F# Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (What Up) A E Pa-pa-pa poke her face pa-pa poke her face (me first) B F# She wanna have whatever she like A She can if she bring her friend E And we can have one hell of a night, through the day B Ay I mean stand like a grouper cuz you gotta beeper F# I mean prime might be sayin you ain't joggin either A But man ol' girl gotta phat ol' ass E Yeah the type to make you tell a bitch just dance B And fuck them otha niggas cuz you down for her bitches F# And fuck them otha niggas cuz she down for the stickin A And fuck them otha niggas cuz hope down for sum lickin E And fuck them otha bitches cuz she down for the trickin up B I'm hoping she a rider F# When it's said and done will she spit it up and swallow now A I ain't got trip bout them niggas who like her E Cuz me and mommy know, could really make her go The pattern just repeats after this.
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