Kid Cudi - I Hear Them Calling tab

Tabbed by: Chad Fisher

Tuning: Standard
Capo: 1st

Guitar 1: (This is repeated through the whole song) Em Ame|----------0---0-----|----------3/5--3--3/0-------|B|-------0----0---0---|-------1--------------0-----|G|-----0---0----------|-----2---2--------------0---| ( x2 )D|--------------------|----------------------------|A|---2----------------|---0------------------------|E|--------------------|----------------------------|
Guitar 2: (Repeated along with guitar 1) Em(4 beats) Am(3 beats) C(1 beat) G(4 beats) D(4 beats) e|---0--------------|--0-----------0-------|--3------------|--2-------|B|---0--------------|--1-----------1-------|--3------------|--3-------|G|---0--------------|--2-----------0-------|--4------------|--2-------|D|---2--------------|--2-----------2-------|--5------------|--4-------|A|---2--------------|--0-----------3-------|--5------------|--5-------|E|------------------|----------------------|--3------------|----------| "I hear them calling me, ...... will I answer, ...... answer."
Both guitars have a total of 4 measures that they repeat together. It's a fairly simple song. Guitar 2 is a guitar representation of the vocals in the song. I did my best to line up the words with the cords, hopefully it displays correctly. I also included beats for Guitar 2 to help a little further. For Guitar 1, just listen to the intro to get a hold of the strumming. Enjoy!
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