Kid Harpoon - Late For The Devil tab

I'm pretty sure this is how you play it as i saw him do it on mtv2 SXSW, busking in the street.
 Capo on 4th fret for whole song, chords relative to capo.

Intro: C G6 C G6 C G6 C-C/B-Am (kind of pluck the bottom strings to give it a jaunty 

Verse: Am                       F
       I used to be a capricorn,Stolen
                              C           G6
       My mother bore me with all her love
       Cavities and tiny portions
       Am                              D
       Shared amongst my fellow orphans
       One always gets away

       Be the highest grown, a pupil, soggy bones
       Home is where the heart is
       Wave goodbye and wish good tidings
       It was good for while it lasted,
       I have been moved along

       (take little finger off top string after 2 beats into the G6 chord)

Chorus: C              G6                    C
        I suppose, its better than never, my soul
        Was late for the devil,
        F                              C  G6
        I must have missed him calling out

        I smile, for the first time ever, my soul
        Flys through heaven,
        The early bird gets the worm

There is a little breakdown part about 3 quarters in but can't be bothered to work it 
just yet, i might post it up later.
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