Kid Rock - Devil Without A Cause tab

id Rock 
Song:Devil without a cause 
Album:Devil without a cause 
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This song is based on four basic riffs using the A5,E5 and F#5 power chords, 
repeated throughout the song with slight variations. 

Riff 1 [00:42] 
-> Distortion ON 
-> Wah ON - rock wah pedal back and foward on each beat. 

E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-----x---x---x---x---------2------------| D|-2h4-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-4-4p2h4---4----------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|
....with different endings, based in these two:
E|----------------------------------------| B|-10h12b-10h12b--or--10h12b-10h12b-10----| G|-------------------------------------11-| D|----------------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|
E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-2h4b-2---------------------------------| D|--------4-------------------------------| A|----------------------------------------| E|----------------------------------------|
Riff 2 [01:54] -> Distortion ON -> Wah OFF
F#5 A5 E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|---------------------2------------------| D|-4-4-x-x-x-x-x-4-x-4-2------------------| A|-4-4-x-x-x-x-x-4-x-4-0------------------| E|-2-2-x-x-x-x-x-2-x-2--------------------|
Riff 3 [02:05] -> Distortion ON -> Wah OFF
F#5 A5 E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|-----------------------2----------------| D|-4-4-x-x-4-x-x-4-x-x-4-2----------------| A|-4-4-x-x-4-x-x-4-x-x-4-0----------------| E|-2-2-x-x-2-x-x-2-x-x-2------------------| |________p.m._________|
Riff 4 [03:28] -> Distortion ON -> Wah OFF
E5 F#5 E|----------------------------------------| B|----------------------------------------| G|----------------------------------------| D|-2-4--4-2-4-----------------------------| A|-2-4--4-2-4-----------------------------| E|-0-2--2-0-2-----------------------------|
p= Pull off h= Hammer on b= Bend x= Hit muted strings p.m.= Palm mute I think this should help you getting started, the rest you can figure out by listening to the song.This is a great song to jam to! Improvise a bit and have fun! Any kind of feedback would be nice, so mail me if you have any corrections, comments or questions.
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