Kid Rock – American Badass tab

Song: American Badass 
Artist: Kid Rock
Tabbed By: Bill Roberts (
Tuning: Tune Down One whole Step "D"

***NOTE*** The intro, main riff and riff 2 are from a song by: Metallica off 
the Black Album called Sad But True. The bridge part where it gets real fast 
I'm not sure of yet, and the lead parts. I have some clues, but I have to get 
ahold of an MP3 to figure the rest out. I've only heard it on the radio.

introd---------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------*-|F--2--2-2-2-3--3-2----------------------|C--2--2-2-2-3--3-2--7-6-5-3h5p3h5p3h5---| Not sure how many times.G--0--0-0-0-1--1-0--------------------*-|D---------------------------------------|
main riffP.M....G|*--2-2-2-2-5-0-1-0------*|D|---0-0-0-0---------3-0---| repeat a bunch of times
riff 2G|-2-2-2---5p0-5-5^~~~~~-5p0-5^^| then back to main riffD|-0-0-0------------------------|
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