Kid Rock – Happy New Year chords

Tuning: EADGBE Capo F#

AHappy New Year, Happy New Year
D HmLet's raise a glass, here's to you dear
A ENow I was hoping that I'd find you here
D AJust to wish you a Happy New Year
Kiss me pretty, kiss me pretty When that ball drops on New York City When that clock strikes I'll pull you near Just to wish you Happy New Year
D AI'll quit smokin', I'll quit eatin'
D AI'm not jokin', I'll quit cheatin'
D AI'll quit cursin', I'll quit drinkin'
Hm EI'll be a better person, but tonight I'm thinkin'
A Let's get shit faced, let's get shit faced
D HmLet's get into trouble, let's get outta this place
A EAnd I'll have faith in the coast that you clear
D ASay you love me, Happy New Year
Where's my car keys? Where's my car keys? My place ain't too far, we can crawl on our knees What we're feelin' we can't do here Sexual healing Happy New Year I know your thinkin' I must be crazy Don't sweat that small stuff, kiss me baby Yeah it's September, but with you here Every night is a Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Let's raise a glass, cheers to you dear I'm so glad that I found you here So you could be my Happy New Year
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