Kid Rock – Jackson Mississippi tab

Kid Rock
Jackson, Mississippi
"Kid Rock"

This is a VERY cool song, and is the heaviest on
his new CD, I think its in drop D but I did it
standard so have fun playin it(i have most of the
song, so grade me on what i got, aight? thanx).


A bunch of light percussion, bass, and VERY light
guitar, i couldnt figure it out... but its just 
like Bawitdaba's intro, just play around and act 
like u know wut ure doin

Intro pt.-2:------------------------------------------ on 2nd time instead--------------------- of 553 play 664---10/12-12\-2--2-5-- X3---10/12-12\-2--2-5------8/10-10\-0--0-3--
Then:--------------------------------------------------------------------- Play till he's--10/12-12-12-12-12-12-d one screaming--10/12-12-12-12-12-12----8/10-10-10-10-10-10-
Main Riff/Chorus----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-5/7-7-5-7-5-77-8\-2-2-5/7-7-5-7-5-4-444--2-5/7-7-5-7-5-77-8\-2-2-5/7-7-5-7-5-4-444--0-3/5-5-3-5-3-55-6\-0-0-3/5-5-3-5-3-2-222-
PM...After that:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-5/7-7-5-7-5-77-8\-2-2-5/7-7-10-12~---2-5/7-7-5-7-5-77-8\-2-2-5/7-7-10-12~---0-3/5-5-3-5-3-55-6\-0-0-3-5-5--8-10~--
^let ring on intro partVerse/Pre-chorus------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ On Pre-chorus, only -2~--7~--5~--2~--2~--9~--x-5-x-7-- play 1st FOUR chords-2~--7~--5~--2~--2~--9~--x-5-x-7---0~--5~--3~--0~--0~--7~--x-3-x-5-- deadhits last verse only ^I play this for fill on verseOrder:
>intro >intro pt. 2 >Main riff >verse >post-verse(its just a mixed-up main riff, expiriment and match sounds a bit and u,ll get it) >pre chorus("and I can say im tryin to change...") >main riff >verse >post-verse >pre-chorus >main riff >solo(when another tab comes out, look at that) >main riff is under solo
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