Kidd Russell – Pulaski Day chords


Artist : Kidd Russell             
Song   : "Pulaski Day"            
Tuning : DGCFAd (Whole Step DOWN) 
Capo   : Nope

Tabbed By : Chester Abellera (^-^)

Chords : (Progression played throughout the whole song)
E B Ebm Ad---0----7----6----5---| d--------|A---0----7----7----5---| A---12---| <- (Played solelyF---1----8----8----6---| F---x----| during theC---2----9----8----7---| C---9----| interlude)G---2----9----6----7---| G--------|D---0----7----x----5---| D--------|
If you don't want to tune your guitar down, here are the chords for Standard Tuning (EADGBe) =)
D A C#m Ge---2----5----4----3---| e--------|B---3----5----5----3---| B---10---| <- (Played solelyG---2----6----6----4---| G---x----| during theD---0----7----6----5---| D---7----| interlude)A---0----7----4----5---| A--------|E--------5----x----3---| E--------|
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